Blueberries have a wide range of applications in agri-food context, such as juices, jellies, jams, sweets, syrups, etc., with scientifically proven medicinal benefits such as cholesterol, blood circulation, and especially eye health.

Nowadays this production is much localized and there is very little support/flow of production places yet. As characteristics, it is a very fragile berry, harvested by hand so relatively slowly; as positive points, we can mention the rusticity of the plant (bush) and the high sale price of the fruit, especially if prepared and destined to international market.

It has gone through a phase of "tragedy", of product abundance that does not match at all with the portuguese and international market reality. It lacks at this time a professionalization/concentration and specialization of producers, a situation that not everyone is prepared or motivated to; so, for anyone that is, it is and it will be a profitable and promising crop.

If you know compensatory opportunities for this product to flow in your area it will be a crop to consider as it may be a case of occupation of marginal and small lands.