Following the development and innovation of the agricultural sector created several services tailored to our customers' needs.

Somos contactados por diversas pessoas, grande parte delas, proprietárias de terrenos agrícolas e florestais, tanto antigos agricultores como novos candidatos a agricultores. Maioritariamente, e num primeiro contacto, estes recorrem a nós, pedindo conselhos sobre a forma mais rentável de explorar os seus terrenos.

Para tirar rendimento de pequenas explorações agrícolas é necessário produzir produtos de elevado valor acrescentado, aproveitar nichos de mercados, fazer produções fora de época ou criar transformados com elevada diferenciação.
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We have an experienced team in installation of orchards, permanent pasture and other crops. With the supply of materials, we provide replacement guarantees, plants with phytosanitary passport, maintenance support for at least one year, elucidation and monitoring of culture (pruning processes, treatments, phytosanitary counseling, etc.). We provide budgets by field visit.

In this context best suited for floriculture (cut plants, decorative, aromatic and medicinal), we potentiate through our partnership largely wide range of species and varieties, properly rooted and divided into different development years. We ensure that the plants are harmless and propagated with the utmost care and professionalism, supplying not only privates but also other companies.

We work with top quality concerning these devices because we do not want to neglect the warranty factor: two years. We install them in gardens, greenhouses, permanent crops, meadows and pastures, parks, lawns, etc.

The providing of budgets is done by site visit, studying each particular situation, and the purpose it is intended. The installation of irrigation equipment is a highly technical job that requires a skilled knowledge of hydraulics, planning and sometimes even electronics. Our experience and technical knowledge will best respond to your requests. Contact us!

We have in our team, specialized personnel in farming accounting, who will be able to advise and guide the best options of tax and accounting law, in order to legally control the taxes associated to your agricultural business activity. Our experience shows that bad options that come from bad choices and/or information lead to substantial taxes. Avoid frustrations trusting tax services on someone that is specialized in agricultural accounting solutions.